Hypixel Statistics Redefined

Observer is an innovative Hypixel stats bot that features historical statistics, leaderboards, rankings, graphs and much more!

The Observer mascot flying between two previews of the bot's stat images
Historical Stats

Compare your stats from yesterday, last week or even last month.

Observer constantly keeps track of your Hypixel stats and lets you compare your stats from anytime in the past to see how you've progressed.

Leaderboards & Rankings

See how well you're doing compared to everyone else.

Observer maintains leaderboards for 50+ gametypes and modes which allows you to see how you're doing, even if you aren't in the top 1000.

Graphs & Predictions

Visualize your progress with ease.

Observer provides graphs and predictions to let you see how you've been progressing over a specific period of time.

Cutting-edge Designs

Because you deserve to see your stats in the best way possible.

Created with the player's experience at the forefront, our designs concentrate on presenting clear, captivating, and visually striking depictions of your Hypixel statistics.

Why not try out and see for yourself?

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